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What is the purpose of the Bail?
To give the defendant their freedom while the case is still open and to assure that once the defendant is released they continue to appear for each and every court date. If the defendant violates the terms of the court order and forfeits the bail, the signers are then obligated to pay the full amount of the bail to the bail bonds company.
What is a surety hearing? Or bail sufficiency hearing?
This is a procedure that the County Attorney goes through to prove the legitimacy of the funds used for the collateral and premium.
What is meant by "Bail Bond"?
"Bail Bond" is the security cash or Insurance Company Bond given to the court in the form of a contract between the court and the defendant and their sureties. The sureties are the bonding company and anyone who is willing to be a signer on the bond. Typically the other signers are family members or friends of the defendant who are willing to be liable for the full amount of the bail, also known as "indemnitor".
Beware of placing full bond up with court your money could be tied up for months or longer even held by the court until you complete classes or programs or used to pay fines without your permission. Beware of low down payment Bond Agents. There have been several cases of an agent getting you out with little down but when you're unable to pay the balance soon enough they revoke your bond and place you back in jail.  If this were to happen please report this to the State of Montana Insurance Commissionor (406)444-2040.       
  • Please do Your homework and use an ethical professional Bail Bond Company.